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202303.31626th Annual MnATSA ConferenceAmber Lindeman
202303.321Reflective Supervision PrimerBrandon Suarez
202302.280DBT Skills Training for Helping ProfessionalsAnne Gresham
202302.279DBT Individual Therapy ModeAnne Gresham
202302.278Introduction to Radically Open DBTAnne Gresham
202302.283Eating Disorders: Understanding the BasicsMrs. Rebecca Hirdler
202302.288Intensive 2 Day Course: Clinical Supervision-Confidently Address Difficult Issues and Build a Foundation for SuccessPESI, Inc.
202302.281MACMH Annual Child & Adolescent Mental Health ConferenceMrs. Keri Stenemann
202302.2773-Day Intensive Training on EMDR for Trauma: The Complete Guide to Assessment, Resource Development and TreatmentPESI, Inc.
202302.284Assessment of Trauma and Dissociative Spectrum DisordersDr. Hailey Hegland
202303.322Diversity Made SimpleMr. Lambers Fisher
202302.289PTSD: A Comprehensive ReviewDeborah Cheung
202303.312Mindfulness-Based Stress ReductionJannine Hebert
202303.3182-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop: EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to ThrivingPESI, Inc.
202301.256CDS Clinical Consultation GroupClayton Egli
202301.242Understanding Aging & Longevity: The Biopsychosocial ProcessDeborah Cheung
202301.243Motivational Interviewing: Evidence-based treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and morePESI, Inc.
202301.244The Codependency Treatment Guide: CBT, Somatic Strategies and More to Disentangle Clients from Dysfunctional Relationships and Recover SelfPESI, Inc.
202301.245LGBTQ Youth: Clinical Strategies to Support Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityPESI, Inc.
202301.23940 Hour Family Mediation Skills TrainingMs. Karie Belling
202302.262Clinical Supervision: Supervisor Roles and ResponsibilitiesMs. Lorraine Kendall
202301.2382023 AIR Network Model Complex Trauma and Dissociation TrainingPhyllis Solon
202301.251AIR Network CPTSD and Dissociation Case ConsultationPhyllis Solon
202301.246Smartphone Addiction: Clinical Tools for Tech-related Anxiety, Depression and MorePESI, Inc.
202301.2472-Day: Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MDPESI, Inc.
202301.237Case consultationDr. Gregory Simonson
202301.248CAF Consultation GroupKent Kodalen
202301.250Understanding Key & Current Aspects of Minnesota’s Mental Health Legislative ProcessDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202301.249First Five Sessions & Value of TherapyDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202301.252EMDR Therapy TrainingMr. Hector Matascastillo
202301.253Professional Series - Autism and GiftedTeresa Boatman
202301.255130th Annual Training Conference & ExpoMs. Shereen Reda
202301.254Claiming My Joy - A Black Women ConferenceLarry Tucker
202303.298Guardianship and Conservatorship – What are they and how they can impact a divorce?Ms. Sandy Beeson
202311.128Authentic Restoration WorkshopLisa Johnson Taylor
202303.3082-Day Grief Treatment Certification Course: Evidence-Based Strategies for Helping Clients Make Meaning After LossPESI, Inc.
202303.323Healing from the Get-Go with Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)Mr. Richard Laska
202303.291Addiction and the Road to RecoveryMrs. Sheila Johnson-Kolb
202303.313Mindful & Intuitive Eating: A New Paradigm for Physical & Mental HealthDeborah Cheung
202302.2902023 Minnesota State Autism ConferenceMs. Keri Olufson
202302.273Clinical Documentation: Best Practice Guidelines for Mental Health ProfessionalsDeborah Cheung
202302.274Healing the Inner Child: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ProcessDeborah Cheung
202303.3092-Day Intensive Training: Mindfulness Certification CoursePESI, Inc.
202303.303Understanding Chronic Psychological DisordersDeborah Cheung
202303.310Attachment Informed Grief Therapy: Interventions to Create Safety, Strengthen Self Capacities, and Promote Re-engagement.Ms. Florence Wright
202303.307Gaslighting: Help Clients Escape and Rebuild from a Narcissist’s Emotional AbusePESI, Inc.
202303.300Flash Technique for Trauma: Rapid Trauma Processing for Clinicians Using EMDR, CPT, DBT, CBT, and IFSPESI, Inc.
202303.305Understanding & Caring for Individuals with AutismDeborah Cheung
202303.319Child Maltreatment: Building the BasicsMs. Brianna Bertsch
202303.317Trauma-Informed and Somatic Approaches to HealingKristen L. Swan
202309.054An Introduction to Therapeutic Assessment Fall-2022 MN Internship Training SitesAndrew Scarbrough
202309.059The DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol TrainingMs. Tegan Smischney
202309.083From Race to Culture in the Supervision of Therapeutic PracticeLarry Tucker
202309.061Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Master the Core Skills and Competencies of CBTPESI, Inc.
202309.060Beyond the Binary: Exploring Gender in Clinical WorkSarah Backstrom
202309.084DSM-V-TR Changes, Ethical and legal considerations when working with divorced families; navigating subpoenasMs. Tori Newman
202310.111Insulin Resistance: Prevention & ReversalDeborah Cheung
202310.112The Menopausal Brain: From Peril to ProtectionDeborah Cheung
202309.079Clinical Case ConsultationChad Radniecki
202310.100The Tripping Cure - An Overview of Psychedelic TherapyMrs. Shannon Widstrom
202310.099Trauma Informed Care Advanced part 1Julie Duncan
202310.105Caspersen Narrative Training ProgramJohn Stillman
202310.113Peridontal Disease & Systemic IllnessDeborah Cheung
202310.110Ethics and Risk Management in Behavioral Health: What Every Clinician Needs to Know About Mental Health and the LawPESI, Inc.
202308.046Cultural and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure Grant Conference: Building a cultural ethnic minority infrastructure to create community-based solutions that workMs. Thao Vang
202308.048Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Clients: Clinical Issues and Treatment StrategiesPESI, Inc.
202309.062Clinical Case Consultation and DidacticsErin Brennan
202309.0812-Day: EMDR for Co-Occurring Trauma and Addiction: Treatment Strategies to Help Dual Diagnosis Clients Achieve Long-Lasting RecoveryPESI, Inc.
202309.080Gaslighting: Help Clients Escape and Rebuild from a Narcissist's Emotional AbusePESI, Inc.
202309.091RACE and SHAME: Discovering a path to healingLarry Tucker
202310.098Trauma Informed Care Advanced part 2Julie Duncan
202310.114AIR Network and EMDR Supervision GroupsDawn Mcclelland
202310.115Family Recovery Matters- Clinical Interventions to Nurture Healing to Family Members Impacted by “Addiction Trauma”Mr. Chad Stellenwerf
202310.116Children, Adolescent, and Adult Psychotherapy and Assessment Consultation GroupAnnie Emanuel
202308.051Working with Latinx patientsDr. Patricia Castellanos
202308.050Addressing Sexual Health in PsychologyDr. Patricia Castellanos
202308.052EMDR Virtual Basic Training- Fall 2022Miller Patti
202308.049Case ConsultationAmelia Versland
202310.101CARE Counseling Grand Rounds: Clinical Interventions with Substance Use DisordersDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202309.063ACEs, Historical Trauma and Ongoing Systems of Oppression: Impact and Therapy implicationsMrs. Elora Riggs Lyksett
202310.102Working with Couples & FamiliesDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202309.0892-Day EMDR: A Rapid, Safe, and Proven Treatment for TraumaPESI, Inc.
202309.082Psychology Journal Club/Psychiatry Special Topics = 1 CEU EAMarcia Jensen
202309.0926-Day ACT Retreat: An Immersive Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Clinical ExperientialPESI, Inc.
202309.053Self-Care as an Ethical ResponsibilityProf. Thad Shunkwiler
202309.064Social-Emotional Learning from the Inside Out: Teaching Kids Interoceptive Awareness Skills to Build Insight, Empathy, and CompassionPESI, Inc.
202309.068CBD (Cannabidiol): Safety, Dosing, & Drug InteractionsDeborah Cheung
202309.069Novel Coronavirus & Influenza: Monthly UpdateDeborah Cheung
202309.090Foundations of PBSP PsychotherapyJames Amundsen
202309.085Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Stalking: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention ConsiderationsDarian Poser
202309.086Forensic Assessment and Interviewing of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Darian Poser
202309.087Applying a Trauma-Informed Lens to Your Therapeutic ApproachLindsay Murn
202310.104ProofCON Pro: FASD and Mental HealthMs. Angelina Zerna
202309.070Inflammaging; Inflammation & Accelerated AgingDeborah Cheung
202309.071Healing Trauma with MindfulnessDeborah Cheung
202309.072Inflammation, Chronic Illness, & the BrainDeborah Cheung
202309.0652022 MN Conference on Problem GamblingMs. Sonja Mertz
202309.088Medical Ethics & Legal IssuesDeborah Cheung
202309.066MACMH 5th Annual Infant and Early Childhood ConferenceMs. Amanda Xiong
202309.073Non-Opioid Substance Abuse: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis & TreatmentDeborah Cheung
202309.074Timing Is Everything: Using Circadian Rhythms to Improve Patient CareDeborah Cheung
202309.075Challenging Psychological DisordersDeborah Cheung
202310.103Mental Health Consultation & Diversity-Informed Tenets WorkshopMs. Lauren Moberg
202310.095Case ConsultationPat Spaulding
202310.106Cyberstalking through a Threat Assessment LensDarian Poser
202310.107Juvenile Problematic Behaviors and the Criminal Justice System through a Threat Assessment LensDarian Poser
202310.1183-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification TrainingPESI, Inc.
202310.117Overview of Sex Offender Risk AssessmentMs. Naomi Roderick
202310.119Case ConsultationHeather Mortensen
202309.056The Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of TraumaDr. Ruth Buczynski
202309.076The Dangers of Vaping THC: What Health Professionals Need to KnowDeborah Cheung
202309.077Fentanyl & Beyond: The Evolving Drug CrisisDeborah Cheung
202309.078Medical Ethics: A Clinical UpdateDeborah Cheung
202310.094Imposter Syndrome: Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Burnout in Clients Who Feel Like FraudsPESI, Inc.
202310.097Postdoctoral Forensic Psychology Didactic SeriesJacob Chavez
202311.140Domestic Violence in DivorceMs. Sandy Beeson
202310.108Treating Adult Clients of Emotionally Immature Parents: How Your Clients Can Reclaim Their Lives from the Toxic Legacy of Controlling, Rejecting or Self-Involved ParentsPESI, Inc.
202309.057Changing the ADHD Brain: Moving Beyond MedicationPESI, Inc.
202309.058Radical Healing for Racial TraumaDaniel Johnson
202309.067Intersectional Trauma and ResilienceMs. Jade Johnson
202310.096Prolonged Grief Disorder Amid the Pandemic: A multicultural perspectiveRegina Dixon
202310.109The Intersection of DV and Resist RefuseMs. Karie Belling
202301.259Minnesota State University Counselors' Annual ConferenceLynda Brzezinski
202301.258DC:0-5 Clinical TrainingMrs. Maria Ogunye
202302.267Trans Affirming Care and PracticesPESI, Inc.
202302.270Weekly Clinical ConsultationJennifer Hobbs
202310.1202022 Criminal Justice Mental Health SummitMs. Aimee Schroeder
202310.121Eating Disorders Journal ClubLisa Rogers
202301.199Organic Intelligence Coaching CertificateRachel Slater
202312.159Mental health and Addiction Clinical Education SeriesMr. Alan Davis
202312.160Advanced Evidenced Based Practice of Clinical SupervisionGina Loe
202312.1642-Day Psychopharmacology Course for Mental Health CliniciansPESI, Inc.
202312.1712-Day: Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MDPESI, Inc.
202312.175Weekly Consultation GroupChristine Gibbon
202312.182Certified Addictions-Informed Mental Health Professional (CAIMHP): Two-Day Intensive Competency TrainingPESI, Inc.
202312.181Social Anxiety and Perfectionism: Clinical Tools to Let Go of Unrealistic Standards and Build Real ConnectionsPESI, Inc.
202312.180Self-Compassion for Teens: Immediate and Actionable Strategies to Increase Happiness and ResiliencePESI, Inc.
202312.179Suicide & Self-Harm: Stopping the PainPESI, Inc.
202312.178Mastering Differential Diagnosis with the DSM-5-TR™: A Symptom-Based ApproachPESI, Inc.
202312.176University of St. Thomas PTSD Awareness Conference.Mr. Norman Ferguson
202312.177Case ConsultationDebra Broderick
202312.183Advanced Clinical Supervisor TrainingProf. Thad Shunkwiler
202312.187Disenfranchised GriefDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202312.184Case ConsultationDr. Kiri Faul
202312.185Case ConsultationDr. Kiri Faul
202312.188Consultation and Supervision TrainingDawn Mcclelland
202312.192Supervisor Development Cohort SeriesElise Blahnik
202312.1943-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification TrainingPESI, Inc.
202312.193Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial and Histrionic Personality Disorders: Effective Treatments for Challenging ClientsPESI, Inc.
202312.196CARE Counseling Annual TrainingDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202301.197Professional Development - Foundations of Practice StandardsRachelle Hansen
202301.201CSB+SJU Counseling & Psychological Services Case ConferenceMichael Ewing
202312.163Transforming Trauma with Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)PESI, Inc.
202312.162Treatment Didactic SeriesThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202312.1652-Day: Advanced CBT Training: Evidence-Based Interventions for Chronic Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Trauma and PTSDPESI, Inc.
202312.172Polyvagal Essentials for Every Clinician: Practical Applications for Safety, Attachment, Trauma and AnxietyPESI, Inc.
202312.166Social Justice, Ethics and Multicultural Issues for Mental Health Professionals: Clinical Strategies for Inclusivity, Empowerment and Improved Treatment OutcomesPESI, Inc.
202312.174Child-Parent Psychotherapy Book ClubElise Blahnik
202312.167Multicultural Awareness & Diversity: Powerful Strategies to Advance Client Rapport & Cultural CompetencePESI, Inc.
202302.271Internal Family Systems Therapy Step-by-Step Procedures for Healing Traumatic Wounds and Alleviating Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addiction and MoreNatasha Parekh
202312.189Psychology Presentation SeriesDr. Bill Handschin
202312.190Case CONSULTATIONLynn Kiely
202301.198Didactics - Foundations of Scientific StandardsRachelle Hansen
202301.200Clinical Supervision Training- FoundationalProf. Thad Shunkwiler
202312.161Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota Forum 2022Ms. Sandy Beeson
202312.168Co-Occurring Disorders in Substance Use Treatment: Integrated Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Dual Diagnosis ClientsPESI, Inc.
202312.173Opioid Use Disorder: What Every Clinician Needs to Know About One of the Most Dangerous and Lethal Drug Epidemics in American HistoryPESI, Inc.
202312.169Sleep and Mental Health: Non-Medication Interventions to Restore Sleep Quality and Improve Clinical OutcomesPESI, Inc.
202312.170Borderline Personality Disorder and Traumatic Attachment: Trauma-Informed BPD Treatment Techniques for Dysregulated Emotional and Autonomic StatesPESI, Inc.
202302.261Group Consultation MeetingsCheryl Schultz
202302.260Weekly Clinical Case ConsultationDrew Benson
202302.263Basic ENE Training - SENE & FENEMs. Karie Belling
202302.264AFCC- MN Spring Half Day Conference – Creative Approaches for ADR in Diverse CommunitiesMs. Karie Belling
202302.265Sleep and Mental Health in Children and Teens: Behavioral Interventions to End Bedtime Problems and Help Kids SleepPESI, Inc.
202302.266Healing from Affairs Free Training with Tammy Nelson: Moving Past the Trauma of Betrayal and InfidelityPESI, Inc.
202302.268Part I: Improving Outcomes for Families — How co-parenting apps can prevent families from returning to court and keep them on track for success Part II: Risks and Dangers of Social MediaMs. Sandy Beeson
202312.195Challenging Cases Encountered in Clinical EvaluationsDustin Warner
202312.191Reflective SupervisionElise Blahnik
202302.269Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Clients: Clinical Issues and Treatment StrategiesPESI, Inc.
202302.272Intensive Workshop in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSDMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.212Anxiety in the ClassroomPESI, Inc.
202301.236Case Consultation 2023Brandon Suarez
202301.240Diversity & Cultural CompetenceDeborah Cheung
202301.241The Science of Fat & Sugar: Appetite, Eating Disorders, & the Reward SystemDeborah Cheung
202301.213Culturally Enhanced Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for African-American YouthLarry Tucker
202301.216Static-99R Certified Training Workshop OverviewMs. Naomi Roderick
202301.2156th Annual Child Abuse Summit: Tips from the TeamDanielle Vrieze
202301.219Intro to Sand TrayMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.220Advanced Sand TrayMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.221ADHD in Children, Adolescents, & AdultsDeborah Cheung
202301.222Alternative Psychedelics: Dangerous Drugs on the StreetDeborah Cheung
202301.223Better Habits, Better Health: Preventing and Managing Chronic IllnessDeborah Cheung
202301.224Beyond Bariatric: Food and Mood IssuesDeborah Cheung
202301.225Recognizing Human Trafficking & Reporting GuidelinesDeborah Cheung
202301.226Ethics for Mental Health ProfessionalsDeborah Cheung
202301.227Domestic & Intimate Partner ViolenceDeborah Cheung
202301.217LynLake Centers for Wellbeing Educational Series SessionsMrs. Elora Riggs Lyksett
202301.228Nutritonal Psychiatry & Brain HealthDeborah Cheung
202301.231The Neurobiology of Overeating & Food AddictionDeborah Cheung
202301.232PTSD, Trauma, & Anxiety DisordersDeborah Cheung
202301.233Sexual Harassment, Ethical & Professional BoundariesDeborah Cheung
202301.234Grand Rounds 2023Brandon Suarez
202301.235Supervision Consultation 2023Brandon Suarez
202301.218Consult MeetingsNatasha Parekh
202301.229Meditation and the Brain: Physiological Effects, Mindfulness & Mental HealthDeborah Cheung
202301.230Managing Stress and WorryDeborah Cheung
202301.202Minnesota University and College Counseling Centers Directors Annual ConferenceMichael Ewing
202301.257Prenatal and Postnatal Neurobiopsychosocial Factors Associated with Problematic BehaviorsDarian Poser
202301.204Complex Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, Dissociation and EMDR TherapyMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.205Partnering with Parents Playfully in Child TherapyMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.206What Makes Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Their Partners so Hard to Diagnose and Treat?Ms. Tegan Smischney
202301.207DBT Life-Skills Remote Training for the Non-DBT Clinician (2-Day)Ms. Tegan Smischney
202301.208The Ethics of Diversity Equity and inclusion in Clinical PracticeMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.209Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy Refresher Course: Shore Up Your SkillsMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.210Mental Health Informed Birthing & Perinatal Education CourseMs. Tegan Smischney
202301.203Didactics, Professional Development and Diversity SeminarsKyle Harvison
202301.2112-Day Anxiety Certification Course: Integrate CBT and Exposure & Response Prevention for Treatment of GAD, Panic Disorder, OCD, Social Anxiety, & PhobiasPESI, Inc.
202301.214Case Review & Consultation - Foundations of Practice StandardsRachelle Hansen
202308.026Internal Family Systems Therapy: Step-by-Step Procedures for Healing Traumatic Wounds and Alleviating Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addiction and MorePESI, Inc.
202308.043From Cultural Considerations to Socially Just Practice: Disrupting Patterns of Suffocated GriefMs. Florence Wright
202308.030Ethical Considerations in Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation/ SupervisionMrs. Lauren Moberg
202308.0292-Day: Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma Healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MDPESI, Inc.
202308.041Multidisciplinary Case ConsultationHina Siddiqui
202308.040Prioritizing Sleep: Changing Campus Culture, Improving Counseling Center Response and InterventionsPESI, Inc.
202309.055Relief & Restoration: A Nature Immersion Retreat for ProfessionalsMary Freitag
202308.044Sleep and Mental Health: Non-Medication Interventions to Restore Sleep Quality and Improve Clinical OutcomesPESI, Inc.
202308.045Suicide Awareness & PreventionDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202308.047Addiction Intervention for Co-occurring Clients: Practical Guidelines to help resistant clients get careMr. Chad Stellenwerf
202307.008Helping Clients Change: Honoring Their Grieving ProcessDr. Marina Bluvshtein
202307.007Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death for Psychotherapists: Tools, Clinical Skills and Diagnostic ControversiesMs. Tegan Smischney
202307.012Season 3: National Pediatric Hypnosis Webinar Series 2022-2023: Continuing Education in Skill Development in Pediatric Clinical Hypnosis - Utilization (Intermediate Level training)Dr. Daniel Kohen
202307.0038th African Mental Health SummitDr. Tolulope Ola
202307.010Twin Cities Neuropsychology MeetingSusanne Cohen
202307.009ACEs Summit: Steps to ResilienceKiah Staloch
202307.004What To Do When a Child Resists or Rejects a Parent: Building a Tool-Kit for ProfessionalsMs. Karie Belling
202307.0023-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification TrainingPESI, Inc.
202307.013Interviewing Persons with Complex Trauma Histories in Psycholegal SettingsDarian Poser
202307.014Forensic Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Didactic TrainingMs. Naomi Roderick
202308.015Understanding Your Neurodivergent Clients: Going Beyond Diagnostic CriteriaMs. Tegan Smischney
202308.016CBT-I: Conceptualization, treatment planning, and interventionMs. Tegan Smischney
202308.020Identification and Treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality DisordersMs. Tegan Smischney
202307.005Rewire the Anxious Brain: Neuroscience-Informed Treatment of Anxiety, Panic and WorryPESI, Inc.
202308.017CARE Counseling PILT Training: Working with TraumaDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202308.018CARE Counseling PILT Training: Modalities of TherapyDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202308.019Introduction to the PROFESOR (Protective + Risk Observations For Eliminating Sexual Offense Recidivism)Amber Lindeman
202308.021A Therapist’s Guide to the Psychopharmacology of Trauma and DissociationPESI, Inc.
202308.022Complex PTSD Clinical Workshop: A Comprehensive Approach to Accurately Assess and Effectively Treat Clients with Chronic, Repeated and/or Developmental TraumaPESI, Inc.
202308.023The Keys Behind How Cognitive Processing Therapy Heals PTSDPESI, Inc.
202308.024EMDR & Parts Work for Treating Complex Trauma: Somatic Techniques to Decrease Defensiveness and Facilitate Trauma ProcessingPESI, Inc.
202308.025Advances in treating trauma-related dissociationPESI, Inc.
202308.042Attachment in PsychotherapyCara Beames
202308.031Advanced EMDR Military TrainingMs. Elaine Wynne
202308.032Recreational Marijuana: Facts, Fables, & ConcernsDeborah Cheung
202308.033Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and ConcussionDeborah Cheung
202308.034Obesity, Diet, & BehaviorDeborah Cheung
202307.006MACMH 2022 Fall Training SeriesMs. Amanda Xiong
202308.027Clinical Enrichment SeriesLisa Johnson
202308.035CAPS Weekly Clinical Case ConsultNancy Rassier
202308.039Trauma Informed Care - Beginner Session Part 1Julie Duncan
202308.038Trauma Informed Care - Beginner Session Part 2Julie Duncan
202308.037Trauma Informed Care - Intermediate part 1Julie Duncan
202308.036Trauma Informed Care - Intermediate part 2Julie Duncan
202303.3202023 MARRCH Spring ConferenceJulia Renner
202302.2873-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification TrainingPESI, Inc.
202302.275Quarterly Review for Updated Practice Foundations in the DBT FieldMs. Tegan Smischney
202302.282Consult GroupKristin Ballard
202302.276Authentic Restoration WorkshopLisa Johnson Taylor
202302.285CARE Counseling Grand Rounds: Working with Traumatic Brain InjuriesDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202303.301Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Family Relationships: Top Tools for Better BoundariesPESI, Inc.
202311.131Anger and Aggression: Causes, Consequences & Coping Skillsquences, & Cop& Coping SkillsDeborah Cheung
202311.143EMDR Refresher: Shore Up Your SkillsMiller Patti
202311.144Co-Occurring Disorders in Substance Use Treatment: Integrated Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Dual Diagnosis ClientsPESI, Inc.
202311.145The Meth Epidemic: What Every Clinician Needs to KnowPESI, Inc.
202311.123Motivational Interviewing: Evidence-Based Interventions to Improve Client Engagement and Accelerate Behavioral ChangePESI, Inc.
202311.132Coping with Chronic Pain: Comprehensive Pain ManagementDeborah Cheung
202311.133Organic Food for ThoughtDeborah Cheung
202311.134Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Collaborative Management for Health ProfessionalsDeborah Cheung
202311.146Cannabis Use Disorder: Practical Interventions for One of Today’s Fastest Growing Substance Use DisordersPESI, Inc.
202312.1513-Day: Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification TrainingPESI, Inc.
202311.125Case Consultations vary between weekly, biweekly, & monthly and are held throughout the yearLisa Johnson
202311.135Understanding Depression & Bipolar DisorderDeborah Cheung
202311.136Understanding Emotional IntelligenceDeborah Cheung
202311.137Home Will Never Be the Same Again: Help for Parents of Gray Divorce and their Adult Children, Who Are Stakeholders in their Parent’s DivorceMs. Sandy Beeson
202312.150Clinical Supervision: An Evidence-Based Framework for Developing Competent, Compassionate, and Skilled CliniciansPESI, Inc.
202312.149Certified Clinical Trauma Professional: Two-Day Trauma Competency ConferencePESI, Inc.
202312.148Trauma-Informed Care Before, During, & After Critical Incidents: Developing Resilience in Victims & RespondersPESI, Inc.
202312.186Rotating Study SeriesHeather Killeen-Bode
202312.158Clinical First Wednesday: Staff Development SeriesElise Blahnik
202311.126The Ten Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques: Updated Strategies to Help Even the Most Challenging ClientsPESI, Inc.
202312.147Holistic Tools for Inner HealingMrs. Heidi Mortenson
202311.122Extended Adolescence - When 25 Looks More Like 18: Clinical Strategies for Clients Struggling to Meet the Demands of AdulthoodPESI, Inc.
202311.12711th Annual Co-occurring Disorders SympoiumMs. Bobbi Mathern
202311.139But First, Neurodiversity: Unpathologizing Individuals on the Autism SpectrumMrs. Elora Riggs Lyksett
202311.138Case ConsultationKathryn Moore
202312.156Clinical Supervision Consultation SeriesThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202311.129EMDR & Parts Work for Treating Complex Trauma: Somatic Techniques to Decrease Defensiveness and Facilitate Trauma ProcessingPESI, Inc.
202311.1422023 MACMH Training SeriesMs. Amanda Xiong
202311.1413-Day: Nutrition for Mental Health Certification CoursePESI, Inc.
202312.155Dismantling Racism DidacticThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202312.154DSM-5 ForumThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202312.153Professional Issues SeriesThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202312.152Working Across Cultures Didactic SeriesThanh Son Nguyen-Kelly
202311.124Case Consultation and Group SupervisionJoseph Biancardi
202311.130Anxiety, ADHD and Anger in the Classroom: 60 Activity-Based Coping Skills to Effectively Manage “Big Feelings”PESI, Inc.
202302.286EMDR for Kids: Trauma-Informed Strategies for Young Clients and Their GrownupsPESI, Inc.
202303.302Borderline Personality DisorderMrs. Kylie Cochran
202303.314Understanding Diabetes: New Ideas on a Serious EpidemicDeborah Cheung
202303.306Immune Balance & the Brain: Autoimmune, Allergic, & Inflammatory ConditionsDeborah Cheung
202303.304Understanding Addictions: Food, Drugs, & AlcoholDeborah Cheung
202303.3152023 Advanced EMDR Military TrainingMs. Elaine Wynne
202303.311Case ConsultationJennifer Miller
202303.295Sexuality for All AbilitiesDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202303.293CARE Counseling Grand Rounds: Occupational Therapy & Mental HealthDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202303.294Eating Disorders in Outpatient Mental Health SettingsDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202303.296CARE Counseling Grand Rounds: Treating Obsessive Compulsive DisorderDr. Heidi Bausch-Ryan
202303.292Advanced Experiential CBT Techniques: Enhanced Conceptualization & Body-Based TechniquesPESI, Inc.
202303.297Treating Opioid Dependence- One Person at a TimeMr. Chad Stellenwerf
202303.2992023 Psychotherapy Networker SymposiumPESI, Inc.